Youth Sports

The City of Claremore Parks and Recreation Department is fortunate to have volunteers who execute youth sports programs on behalf of the city. In this unique partnership, the City of Claremore supplements water and electricity in order to maintain quality athletic fields and facilities. Youth sports organizations provide staff and volunteers to organize, plan and administer outstanding youth sports programs. Together, this team ensures that wholesome, healthy and enjoyable recreation and sports opportunities are available to literally thousands of youth within the city limits of Claremore and the surrounding area.

General Guidelines
The youth sports programs of Claremore are designed for children to have fun and enjoy the game. In order to accomplish this goal, there is a set of general guidelines we ask all persons involved to consider.

Mission Statement
The mission of the City of Claremore Park and Recreation Department's Youth Sports Division is to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the youth programs, with an emphasis on training and sportsmanship in order to prepare our community's youth for the future. Our focus is for children to learn fundamentals of the game, develop their skills at all levels and for parents to have the unique opportunity to coach and teach their children and together learn to enjoy and have fun in the experience.

Practice Facilities
There are many City-owned and privately-owned practice facilities in Claremore that are made available to the youth sports teams. In order to remain available for use, we must be good stewards of the property.

Codes of Conduct
Each participant in youth sports, regardless of their role, is expected to follow a code of conduct or a code of ethics. Please review the code that applies to you.